Organization                                                                                                                           The Association has a Governing Council, the Board of Trustees, NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (NEC), STATE CHAPTER and different working committees.

The Annual General Meeting is where every member has equal opportunity and right to shape the Association’s future.

Membership Category

The Association has two categories of members, viz:
a.         Individual members
b.         Corporate members

Our Vision

Our vision includes protecting theological professional integrity, promoting quality theological education and improving theological profession.

Our Passion

Our passion is JESUS, while our Aspiration is to develop theology that will affect all communities of the World and develop theological professionals that will build a new World.

Our Activities

National Conference                                                                                                                                                                                                    An annual National Conference brings together all theological stakeholders that include: Theological Students; Theological Academic Researchers; Theological Teachers; Theological College Administrators; Theological Book Publishers; and Theological Bookshops to discuss challenges facing the education and profession, and to improve when necessary.

Conference of Heads of Bible Colleges
We have annually a conference where Heads of Bible Colleges and those with the mandate for promoting theological education meet to assess the contributions of theology to humanity and make vital decisions on matters affecting theological education and practice.

Certified Theological College Administrators

The Association provides training for Theological College Administrators because of the peculiarity of the education and profession. Those who are trained are certified and licensed to practice in Theological College Management.

Certified Theological Teachers.
Those interested in teaching in Bible Colleges are trained, licensed and certified as theological teachers to practice.

Publishing Theological Literature
This is to inform and update members on matters affecting them and their profession. THE THEOLOGIAN - a theological magazine is published and distributed free to all members. is a good place to collect information on ACTS and its activities.

Getting involved

Why join ACTS?
There are personal benefits for members through receiving literature and resources and getting involved in our conferences, training, activities of State Chapters and also the opportunity to promote the objectives of ACTS and attend international conferences and educational programmes.

Who can join ACTS? 
Membership is open to all Christian theologians, academics, theological researchers, Christian ministries, Bible and Theological Educational Institutions, Libraries, Publishers, Professional Christian Training Schools i.e. Seminaries and Statutory  Regulatory Bodies with a mandate for theological development.
Which Membership is for me?
There are five grades of individual membership and one for college-membership


  1. He / she has attained the age of not less than 50 years.
  2. Has 10 years relevant experience in the office or position as a theologian
  3. Is a holder of a recognized certificate or degree from a recognized institution
  4. Is considered by the Council to be a fit person to be enrolled.


  1. If he /she has attained the age of not less than 40 years.
  2. Has 5 years relevant experience in the office  or position as a theologian
  3. Is a holder of a recognized certificate or degree of the Association’s approved academic or professional institution.
  4. Is considered by the Council to be a fit person to be enrolled.

Associate Member

  1. If he /she attained the age of not less than 30years.
  2. Has 2 years relevant experience in the office or position as a theologian.

Graduate Member

  1. He /she is not less than 25 years of age and holds a recognized qualification of the Institution / College recognized by the Association.
  2. Has no relevant years of experience.
  3. Is considered a fit and proper person to be enrolled by the Council

Student Member

  1. All students of accredited colleges are qualified to be student members. They are recommended by the college authority after admission.

Corporate Member
Every registered theological school / Institute shall be eligible to be elected corporate member as determined by the Council. Such Institution shall apply for consideration to the Council on duly completed application forms showing details of their particulars. On admission, the association shall notify the Institution of the admission and the fees shall be paid. 

How do I find out more?
You can telephone +234 810 828 9886 or
email: or

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Notice Board

Welcome to our notice board. This is where you get updates of our upcoming events. Please feel free to contact us at the National Secretariat for more details.

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